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Since its original debut in 2009, the 3D video slot Dead or Alive from NetEnt has gone on to achieve something of a cult reputation among slot players. This is similar to the prominence that many gunslingers and Wild West legends have achieved. It was re-released in 2016 by the software developer exclusively for the smartphone market, which breathed fresh life into the animated gunslingers and outlaws who populated the game. It indicates that you are able to play Dead or Alive either at your home or when you are traveling.

It’s not hard to see why so many gamers have such a high opinion of it. Even though the game is about a decade old, the visuals are still really stunning. The backdrops are realistic and vivid, which truly helps you get into the spirit of the Western setting. However, the gameplay is the most appealing aspect of Dead or Alive, as it provides several opportunities to earn large amounts of money via the use of a number of additional features.

Controls & Configuration for the Dead or Alive Slot

Back in 2009, when Dead or Alive was initially released, both smart phones and tablets were still in their infancy, and the capabilities of mobile gaming were not even close to what they are now. As technology progressed, NetEnt created its suite of NetEnt Touch games, which were designed from the ground up for mobile devices with smaller displays and the ability to respond by touch. They gave Dead or Alive a complete makeover in 2016, porting it to this new platform and making it compatible with mobile devices running iOS and Android.

You may go full guns at dawn with a variety of characters who harken back to that period no matter what platform you choose to play this game on, completely immersing yourself in the atmosphere of this tribute to classic western flicks. The complete reel is designed to seem like the ancient timber structures that were common in the American Old West. Bet and win windows, as well as the play buttons, are represented by iron signs.

The reels are brimming with western paraphernalia such as Stetsons, cowboy boots, shot glasses loaded with alcohol, a glistening sheriff’s badge, and a sinister Wanted poster. If you are successful in filling an entire payline with Sheriff badges, you will be rewarded with one thousand coins. This is the biggest payout of any of the basic symbols. There are also standard casino symbols like 10, J, Q, K, and A that have been stylized in a gunmetal grey to complement the western concept. These icons may be seen on the gaming tables. The most common symbols are also the ones that pay out the least, with the A symbol paying out 100 coins if you get it on a payline five times in a row. This is a characteristic of slot games in general.

The Gameplay and Additional Features of Dead or Alive

You should be able to draw faster and make some money if you take advantage of Dead or Alive’s wagon load of perks, which is one of the reasons why the game is still regarded in such high respect after over a decade. The scatter symbol in this game is a pair of guns with some shining bullets, and the game awards a multiplier of two times the normal payout if two or more of these symbols appear on a payline that results in a win.

In addition to this, the game provides Free Spins, each of which comes with Sticky Wilds. These are triggered once again when the Scatter sign is present. You will be awarded a total of 12 free games if three or more of these symbols show up anywhere on the reels. There is no need to worry about losing track of how many Free Spins you still have available since a convenient indicator will emerge to tally them down as they expire. After the completion of the bonus round, the entire earnings will be added to the cash pot, and during the Free Spins session, all of the bet lines will be multiplied by two.

The Sticky Wilds, on the other hand, are where you’ll find the true riches. If you are fortunate enough to land one of them during the Free Spins bonus round, it will stay in its original position for the duration of the Free Spins game. These come in the shape of notorious bandits, and there is a total of five of them to look for—one on each reel. They are able to take the place of any other sign other than the scatter symbol, making it a highly worthwhile endeavor to seek them out. If you are successful in removing all five, you will be awarded with an additional five free spins.


NetEnt, a company that is a leader in its field, has given the online slot game Dead or Alive the kind of refinement that you would anticipate from one of their products. In spite of its age, the animation and visuals still have a modern feel to them, and they are reminiscent of classic western movies and television series. The bonuses are easy to understand and have the potential to result in significant financial gains. The newest update that was made for mobile devices demonstrates that this venerable hound still has a lot of fight in him.

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