Bounty Hunters Slot Overview

Nolimit City prefers Wild West genre software. Nolimit City is a popular casino game manufacturer and slot maker, featuring games like Tombstone, Deadwood, and Tombstone RIP. Why the West? It may allow game creators to declare, ‘In this universe, you’re either all in – or you’re dead.’ Bounty Hunter, a Nolimit City Western, says such in its game manual. That line may seem boastful to other studios. Nolimit City slots use it as a caution to potential players.

Fans of this studio’s Western slots will recognize the desolation. This may be missed in the base game, when a well-dressed lady of the era walks across a prairie toward or away from a lonely home. Check your thoughts that Nolimit City is lighting up. Bounty Hunters invokes forlornness even at its most joyful moments, because coffins, blood, and death are imminent.

Importantly, Bounty Hunters’ ‘Extremely’ volatile math model defaults to 96.07% RTP with lesser values possible. Bets range from 20 p/c to £/€100 (up to €300 at some casinos), and an ante bet is included. When enabled, the xBet feature doubles the wager and increases the odds of activating features. Active xBet RTP is 96.34%.

In the default game, bounty hunters search on a 5×3, 243-ways-to-win grid. A card royals, a whip, explosives, a necklace, cigarettes, bullets, and guns are on it. Hit a 5 OAK winning manner and the royals pay 1-1.25x the wager and the image symbols 1.25-5x. Finally, wilds replace any paying symbol and pay 5x the bet for a five-wild win.

Bounty Hunters Slot Features

Bounty Hunter Wild, Few Dollars More, Mexican Standoff, Raid Spins, Showdown, and Nolimit Bonus are among its features.

Scatter and Bonus Symbols

Raid Spins are triggered by 3 scatters on reels 2, 3, and 4. Showdown Spins are triggered by 3 scatters in a row with bonus symbols. The Mexican Standoff places bonus symbols on the middle reels, but otherwise they land on reels 1 and 5.

Bounty Hunter Wild

This full-reel wild sign on reels 2, 3, and 4 always nudges to be seen. Every step it nudges raises the multiplier by 1. Bounty Hunters Wild multipliers are applied when many are active.

A Few Dollars More

Full-stacked Bounty Hunter Wilds activate A Few Dollars more. Respins are given for sticky Bounty Hunter Wilds. A Bounty Hunter Wild landing triggers another respin.

The Mexican Standoff

Mexican Standoff occurs when two bonus symbols appear in a row. The remaining rows are disabled after 1 respin of the triggering row. Any Bounty Hunter Wild that lands becomes an x6 wild, as do the bonus symbols. Bonus symbols during the respin reward more respins and remain sticky as wilds for the following respin till the feature finishes. All sticky wild multipliers are doubled.

Raid Spins

This bonus uses a 5×4 space where Thugs and Bosses land, two 5-position reels on the sides, and a Hunter reel at the bottom. Thug or Boss landings reset 3 respins. The closest Hunter to a Thug in a reel or row collects its coin values of 1-25 and removes it. Thugs carry over to the following spin otherwise. Hunters can double coin values from Thugs or Bosses by up to x12 to increase their win. Hunter multipliers grow when they collect. If left or right Hunters don’t gather on a spin, their multipliers reset; bottom Hunters don’t.

Bosses land with 1-5 coin values and improve row and reel-wise. Boss 1 adds all Thugs and Bosses’ coin values to its own. On spins, Boss 2 gives all Thugs its monetary worth. Boss 3 doubles the monetary values of a collection of like Thugs. The multiplier starts at x2 and increases by 1 for each Thug. With 3 Thugs, the multipliers are x2, x3, and x4.

If all Raid Spins are finished first, slaying all Bosses unlocks Showdown Spins.


Showdown is similar to Raid Spins but has several distinctions. This 5×5 grid game has a Hard Honcho Boss in the centre surrounded by 12 diamond-shaped Thugs. Upon landing, fresh Thugs reset the 3 respins. The Hard Honcho Boss starts with a 6x coin and behaves like Raid Spins’ 3 monsters, changing every spin.

If the Hard Honcho Boss acts like Boss 1, its coin value rises. Upgraded coins do not reset. All Thug values will increase 6x if the Hard Honcho Boss acts like Boss 2. It works like Raid Spins as Boss 3. Any vacant diamond locations are filled with Thugs for the next spin after collecting the Hard Honcho Boss.

No-limit Bonus

The Nolimit Bonus menu offers four feature buys:

Buy the Mexican Standoff for 136x the bet with a 96.07% default RTP.

Raid Spins cost 100x the wager and have a 96.14% RTP.

Showdown Spins cost 850x the wager and have a 96.09% RTP.

Lucky Draw has a preset RTP of 96.09% and costs 175x the stake.

Bounty Hunters Slot Review

Nolimit City, like Cormac McCarthy, is ‘utterly devoted to the apocalyptic sublime’, according to Rob Doyle of The Guardian. The studio’s Western-themed slots are antagonistic. Bounty Hunters follows suit. It has horrific graphics, a no-holds-barred mentality, and confrontational gameplay. Bounty Hunters offers an exciting trip to potentially earn huge bounties.

In a charitable mood. Nolimit City slots are notoriously cruel. Showdown Spins was the most thrilling test session. Getting there isn’t easy, but there are various ways. Instead of purchasing the round, strike the required scatters and bonus symbols or be fast on the draw during Raid Spins and defeat all the bosses. The game sheet lists a free spins frequency of 1 in 180, although it is unclear if this includes the Showdown round or if activating it has a separate number. Not much was known about xBet, and its 200% stake increase wasn’t cheap. Bounty Hunters don’t make buds, so be cautious, man.

Its maximum payout is 52,310 times the stake. Bounty Hunters shooting is a sight, therefore any future huge victory video that capture this will be amazing. The Mexican Standoff, which works well with Bounty Hunter Wilds, and Showdown Spins, which had the parabolic multiplicative mayhem sense in an exciting Money Train round, gave a taste of this.

Although sluggish at first, Bounty Hunters became another great Nolimit City Western towards the finale. Despite savaging the hand that feeds it and leaving the leftovers for buzzards to pick over, it may take lucky players on a thrilling trip.

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