Slot Overview: El Paso Gunfight xNudge

If there’s one thing the Western movies have taught us, it’s that the Wild West could be a lawless, vicious place. However, the historic El Paso Gunfight is a prime example of how truth may be stranger than fiction. The alternative term, “4 Dead in Five Seconds,” more accurately describes the event as a shower of gunshots that resulted in the deaths of four people and became the stuff of Western folklore. Dallas Stoudenmire was the legendary figure, and the slot El Paso Gunfight xNudge was created by Nolimit City to honor him.

With games like Tombstone and Deadwood, Nolimit City is no stranger to this corner of the world. While not technically a sequel, El Paso Gunfight xNudge serves as something of a continuation of the original. It appears that Nolimit’s genuine enthusiasm for the Wild West inspires them to create engaging video games. Some of that enthusiasm comes over visually, but the music has been especially noteworthy. El Paso Gunfight’s lively bar soundtrack provides the ideal counterbalance to all the shooting, bullets, and blood sprayed across the screen, even though it doesn’t get as frenzied as Deadwood’s.

El Paso Gunfight xNudge is a 5-reel grid slot machine set against a wall of liquor bottles that, at maximum capacity, may provide 43,334 ways to win. Players get to pick their position in the game and wager anything from 25 cents to £/€50 every spin. You may choose between a very volatile 4-3-3-3-2 configuration and an extremely volatile 2-3-3-3-4 arrangement by toggling a switch above the reels. The Marshal Badge and the Deputy Badge also vary in that they appear on different reels (more on this below). Players may also adjust the volatility during free spins, with the exception of Drunken Gundfiguth Spins, as you will see below. You can choose between a return to player (RTP) of 96.06% or a lower RTP of 94.24%.

In either mode, a winning combination consists of three consecutive symbols beginning on the leftmost reel. Rather of the normal Lucky Luke font found in Western slot machines, the 10-A royals that make up the low payouts have a more gothic aspect. The four high-paying icons represent the four lives lost in the shootout. The whole cast of characters is lengthy, but includes ex-Marshal George Campbell, John Hale (Campbell’s acquaintance), Constable Krempkau, and a Mexican onlooker who was shot by Stoudenmire. The payoff for a line of five premiums is between two and six times the initial wager.

Features of the Slot Game “El Paso Gunfight” xNudge

Stoudenmire, along with many additional characters and bonus features like the Deputy and Marshall Raid, Gunfight Spins, Drunken Gundfiguth&r… Spins, 4 Dead in 5 Seconds, and Feature Buys, may be found on the xNudge Wilds.

Stoudenmire xNudge Wilds, for example, are wild symbols that extend over three rows if they occur on reels 2, 3, or 4. Stoudenmire Wild’s nudges enhance its win multiplier by 1. If there is more than one of these wilds active, the multipliers will stack up.

When the Deputy Badge or Marshall Badge appears in view, a Raid is initiated. The badge itself becomes a low-value symbol, and the badge itself converts all other low-value symbols into a single random low-pay symbol. The Marshal Badge has the same effect, but it changes every sign of high value into a single random symbol of high value. When both badges appear at once, the reel size increases from 3 by 3 by 3 to 4 by 4 by 4.

With 3 scatters in the standard game, you’ll activate 8 Gunfight Spins, where you can play at your preferred volatility level (high or extremely high). During the feature, the scatters transform into jumping wilds, which move to a new place with each spin. When a Stoudemire Wild appears on the same reel as a leaping wild, the multiplier for that reel is doubled. If you happen to land a Deputy Badge or Marshall Badge during Gunfight Spins, you’ll get an additional spin and access to one of the three subsequent rounds.

In the main game, you may trigger 9 Deputy or Marshall Gunfight Free Spins by landing 3 scatters and a badge. This extra game may also be unlocked by collecting badges when playing the Gunfight Spins upgrade. Symbols of the badge that appear during this round behave in the same manner as mentioned, with the extra bonus of staying in place for the duration of the feature. Scatter icons that activate Stoudenmire Wilds also transform into jumping wilds and have the potential to level them up.

However, landing three scatters with both badges during the main game or during Gunfight Spins is the ultimate goal. In a 4444 grid, this results in 10 rounds of Drunken Gundfiguth&r… Spins. Here, you’ll find five bouncing wilds and the tenacious Stoudenmire xNudge Wilds. As previously established, Stoudenmire Wilds may be improved, but after doing so they become immobile for the remainder of the round.

One more deadly respin function is hidden up El Paso Gunfight xNudge’s sleeve. If all 5 character symbols (including the Stoudenmire wild) appear on the reels at the same time, a respin is granted (thus the name “4 dead in 5 seconds”). For the sake of the respin and its associated payout multiplier, Stoudenmire Wilds extend to span the whole center section of the reels.

Finally, El Paso Gunfight xNudge offers players the chance to skip to the good parts by purchasing Gunfight Spins (80x the bet), Deputy Gunfight Spins (400x the bet), Marshall Gunfight Spins (800x the bet), Drunken Gundfiguth&r… Spins (400x the bet), a 4 Dead in 5 Seconds Respin (300x the bet), or a Lucky Dip (238x the bet).

Battle of El Paso: The Judgment of the Slot Machine

For the record, El Paso Gunfight xNudge is yet another untamed horse of a ride created by Nolimit City. When compared to the dismal small-town atmosphere of Deadwood or the odd black, white, and red color scheme of Tombstone, El Paso may not be the most appealing of their three Westerns to yet. The warm, almost welcoming atmosphere created by the brown tones and plinking piano makes you want to come in, kick up your feet, and maybe try some moonshine before having a chat or game of cards with the locals.

However, once you’re immersed in El Paso Gunfight’s action, which is as volatile or very volatile as ever depending on the difficulty setting you choose, that perception rapidly vanishes. The saloon’s placement becomes more obvious at that point. It’s hardly the sort of area where a gunfight would break out, so when one does, the contrast is all the more striking. The 4 dead in 5 seconds characteristic is the most consistent source of adrenaline rush. Whether it’s a natural event or a paid one, there will only be one quick, powerful spin.

In continuation with this trend, El Paso Gunfight offers a variety of in-game extra packs for further purchase. While none of the prices are as eye-catching as San Quentin xWays, 300x for a single respin is certainly nothing to scoff at. A lot of amazing stuff happened in a very short length of time, and the intensity of the features captures the essence of the four dead in five seconds narrative.

El Paso Gunfight xNudge may not have the same bucking bronco liberated from the pen vibe as Deadwood, but it comes close and, in many respects, is better than its predecessors. In one scenario, you may earn as much as 44,440 times your initial wager. This is obviously more than the previous two, and given the frequency with which players have struck the maximum win on Nolimit slots, it seems certain that some lucky gunslinger will eventually strike this.

Nolimit City’s Western offerings have been consistently great, and El Paso Gunfight xNudge is no exception. It lacks the immediate visual impact of the first two, but makes up for it in potential and pure frenetic action, shooting down most of its rivals before they know what hit them.

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